What people think of Local Mobile Domination

Local Mobile Domination is the best solution for local mobile websites that I have found. As always Damien over delivers.

I’ve had the opportunity to review the new GoMobile Solutions mobile website builder platform, and am very favorably impressed. I’ve seen (and even purchased) other mobile website builders, and have seen none with the same comprehensive level of features and ease of use as this new platform. I’m looking forward to offering several different levels of mobile website packages based on this platform to my existing prospects and customers, and am anxious to learn more about the local SEO service that’s also part of the Local Mobile Domination offering.

The results have been fantastic. The customers love the look and feel and you can have a business lobalized in a couple of hours. Yes lobalized; because this is lobalization. My developers and designers love it, in two hours they had it cracked and can make a site in under an hour to show the customer. We use it, and have customers from restaurants and shops through to salons and clothes retailers. The beta tests have been fantastic and the results very impressive. Clients love the look and feel and as the SEO kicks in and aggregates the local and social marketing, this puts local businesses in clients hands every which way they look. GoLobalize!